Love and discipline for belly dance

We believe that every woman or man, can learn and
develop habilities for belly dance with passion and discipline.

About us

Black Cat Belly Dance arose in Middle Tennessee as Black Cat Tribal, as a need of creating a dance community for all women that wanted to enjoy some time together, dance and learn from each other.

Little by little, this community has grown embracing and welcoming women of any age, shape, background, and beliefs. Nowadays Black Cat offers through the e-learning system, different belly dance styles courses as:

Our values and goals

We will keep looking for unique and fresh styles to offer to our dance community, if you have any suggestion, it´s very welcome. Please send us an e-mail to [email protected].

FCBD® style with sword, basket and tambourine. We believe that props are suitable for any fat chance belly dancer, from beginners to advanced dancers, so we created these unique courses where we go into each step, deeply and detailly to make sure that the learning process is friendly and enjoyable.

IndOriental® Dance. We love exploring dance forms and new styles, and want to bring them to the belly dance community. We believe that after learning the first dance style, the process to learn the next ones it´s easier and faster.