Elizabeth Medina


A professional dancer since 2003, Elizabeth Medina decides to dedicate herself exclusively to her great passion and vocation: dance.

Through her artistic skills, she is demanding at the highest level with everything she undertakes and invests all her heart, soul and energy in each of her performances.

Her style was born with the fusion of different disciplines, creating a unique and very personal essence that defines her as a dancer: her studies of dance pedagogy specialized in contemporary dance at the Alicante Conservatory of Dance; Arabic, classical and folk dance by Narjess Montasser; Analysis of professional level of rhythms and Arab music in the School of Dance of Teachers of Tunis; Indian Classical Dance Odissi: studied Odissi for 7 years with Colleena Shakti at the Shakti School of Dance in India and, at the same time, the folk dance of Rajasthan belonging to the gypsy ethnic group of the Kalbelia; she has also spent years of study with Miriam Peretz and dancing in his dance company “Nava Dance Collective”, performing Dances of the Silk Road and Persian Dance and Sufi Whirling.

Elizabeth travels to India once a year to get in touch with its amazing culture and people, as well as a dancer perpetuating the lineage of Padma Vibushan Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra and learning the Kalbelia dance of Raki and Susheela Kalbelia.

As a result of all this, IndOriental® dance appears, a style developed by Elizabeth Medina. The elements that define her dance stile are recognized as characteristic of her artistic expression. This style is born from the specific characteristics that are generated and derived from the classical and folk Indian «Mother Dances» and its connection with Oriental and Tribal dance.

With all her studies ranging from dance pedagogy to Arabic, classical, folk dance, Indian Classical Dance Odissi, the folk dance of Rajasthan and more, she developed IndOriental® style dance.