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We are an online space for belly dancers —beginners or advanced— to learn, enjoy and practice the props and dialects of FCBD® and other dance styles. 

Finish each course in three months!

  • Our courses are designed to be completed in 3 months* (individually).
  • Pay what you learn with our 3 month subscription plan.
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* Average time if you do one class weekly.

Welcome to the Black Cat Community!

Sol Calderón, founder of BlackCat Belly Dance Studio welcomes you, and shares the values of this new proposal for the Belly Dance Community.

FCBD®️ Style with props


FCBD® Style with Basket ¨Slow Dialect¨

Inspired on the shape and movement of the sun, my basket proposal distinguishes to be an elegant and poetical style incorporated to the FCBD® vocabulary. I will love to share it with you!

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FCBD® Style with Sword

We will go together through this learning journey, step by step, starting from how to grab your sword, to the most advanced FCBD® steps. You will love this dramatic and elegant dance with sword!

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FCBD® Style with Tambourine

A friendly and delightful way to incorporate the tambourine to the FCBD® vocabulary. You will learn every detail, from how to choose and grab your tambourine, to the most advanced FCBD® steps. Let´s have fun together!

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Other Belly Dance Styles


IndOriental® Dance

This unique style is a mix of Indian classical and folklorical dances, tribal fusion, and oriental dance. You will love this creation of beautiful movements, and enchanting music. I will love to share this ocean of knowledge with you!

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Tribal Fusion Choreography

Learn an amazing choreography based on tribal fusion and belly dance style with some creative arm combos.

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Free Trial

Enjoy free classes of IndOriental®️ and FCBD®️ style with Basket, Sword and Tambourine.